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Beginning to get rid of persistent negativity . . .

Perhaps it's been easier to blame our life's extended difficulties, our chronic list of complaints, on other folks or external situations or maybe some sort of abstraction or even ourselves or ... whatever . . . Noticing our repetitive negative thoughts and emotions might even seem like being with old "friends", tolerable or not. There are many strategies and "tools" for dealing with lingering negativity, for releasing our burdens, at least to some extent. Here's one starter:

- Sitting comfortably, follow your pattern of breathing in & out for awhile.

- When you feel ready to start, choose a chronic object of dislike (person, situation, abstraction, etc).

- Use the power of your imagination to place it/them in a container or enclosure (box, chest, chair facing away from you, etc) about 15 feet from you - not too close/not too far.

- Use the power of your imagination to see/feel a brilliant white light enter the top of your head and travel down to your heart each time you inhale.

- Use the power of your imagination to send that white light energy at your heart to the container, enveloping it each time you exhale.

- Continue as long as you wish.

Note: this is not aerobics - modify the pattern offered for your breathing comfort. Use the countdown timer on a watch or kitchen timer if you want. Try to repeat this daily, at the same time if possible. Do your best to keep this up. You may find the need for the container-imagery to dissipate after awhile. Follow your own lead.